Enter as strangers, leave as a friends

The Sunbird Motel provides clean, comfortable and friendly accommodation.

Set on 16.5 hectares of dry tropical bushland, on the side of a hill, overlooking the Nome Valley and just 10 minutes south of Townsville, birdlife, wildlife and views are abundant.

Neighbouring attractions are the award winning Billabong Wildlife Sanctuary, Alligator Creek National Park and Mount Elliot forest reserve.

We have easy access to the Townsville General Hospital, Murray Stadium and Townsville Crematorium.

At the Sunbird Motel we also cater for local industry and contractors by providing self contained motel style accommodation.

Our rules are: value + service + quality.

Single Room
Single Room - $100 / per night - sleeps 1 person in a Queen bed. Includes Free WiFi, flatscreen TV, and Kitchenette facilities.
Double Room
Double Room - $100/ per night - sleeps 2 persons in a Queen bed. Includes Free WiFi, flatscreen TV, and Kitchenette facilities.
Twin Room
Twin Room - $100 / per night - for 2 people. Bedding is 1 x Queen bed and 1 x Single bed. Room sleeps up to 3 people. Extra person add $15 / per night
Local Attractions
Cungulla Beach
Cungulla is a small beach-side community to the south of Townsville. It is accessed by first turning off the highway toward AIMS, and then turning right about 5mins down the AIMS road. From town allow about 45mins drive. The township has no shops/convenience stores; however there is a Community Centre. Cungulla is known for it’s fishing. There are two boat ramps located at the small township of Cungulla. One is easy to find and most people know about, but the second is more hidden and difficult to get to. The first is in town and clearly sigh posted. Basically turn left as you arrive at Cungulla and then right just over the little creek. The ramp is a single lane concrete ramp on a small creek that snakes its way through Cungulla Beach. The ramp is only suitable for small tinnies on a half tide an up. The creek that winds through the beach is shallow but loosely marked. I would guess there is ocean access on a reasonable tide. But I suspect the ramp is mainly used to fish the sand flats for bream, whiting and flathead. There are no amenities here, and there is barely enough parking for a couple of cars! The second ramp is of much greater interest. It provides relatively easy access across to the mouth of the Haughton River. To access the ramp you need to drive preferable a 4 x4, a very short distance along a beach track. To locate the track you need to drive to the southern end of the Cungulla township. Here you should see a sandy track run off into the bush. The track then runs along the top of the mangroves and soon opens up to a sand area.
Bowling Green National Park
ALLIGATOR CREEK As the region’s largest coastal park, Bowling Green Bay National Park contains diverse habitats. Its coastal plains are dramatically set against a backdrop of rugged granite mountains rising abruptly in the distance. In this section of the park, Alligator Creek flows between two rocky mountain groups – Mount Elliot and Saddle Mountain. Visit for the day, picnic among the gum trees and swim in the creek. View agile wallabies and rock-wallabies as they feed nearby. At night, common brushtail possums and rufous bettongs ‘patrol’ this area. There is access for guests with a disability. The Alligator Creek campground and day-use area toilets, and a 100 metre boardwalk along Alligator Creek, are wheelchair accessible. How To Get There: Turn off the Bruce Highway to Alligator Creek, 25 kilometres south of Townsville (or 65 kilometres north of Ayr). Follow the road 5.5 kilometres to the park entrance. There is no public transport available BOWLING GREEN NATIONAL PARK (ALLIGATOR CREEK) ALLIGATOR CREEK BOARDWALK (MOUNT ELLIOT) —200 m return (15 mins) Grade: easy A wheelchair-accessible boardwalk leads from the day-use area through riparian forest to the bank of Alligator Creek. Interpretive signs highlight some of the plants and animals in the area. ALLIGATOR CREEK LOOKOUT (MOUNT ELLIOT) —1 km return (30 mins) Grade: easy Take your camera for a canopy-level view of the lower sections of Alligator Creek. Reach the lookout by walking 500 m directly from the car park along a sealed path, or use the steps from the swimming area.  
Billabong Sancturay
The Billabong Sanctuary is an 11-hectare (27-acre) wildlife sanctuary in Nome, 17 kilometres (11 mi) south of Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. Totaltravel.com calls it "Australia's best interactive wildlife sanctuary". The sanctuary is permanent home to native over 100 species of Australian mammals andreptiles such as kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats, crocodiles, and birds includingparrots and cassowaries. In addition, the natural billabong (lake) at the center of the sanctuary is host to many visiting animals, some of which will breed and raise their young at the sanctuary. Visitors to the sanctuary can take guided or self-guided tours through the 11-hectare (27-acre) natural tropical bush.
Ross River Bikeway Townsville QLD
The Ross River Parkway runs from JCU - Cranbrook to the Townsville CBD via Annandale & Mundingburra riverside open space. "Parkway features bikeway with eight recreational nodes including bbq areas, children's play areas, river access, fishing platforms, pontoons, and seating" HUNDREDS of Townsville residents will strap on their helmets to take part in one of the city’s most popular bike-riding events. The annual Ride the River this month gives people a chance to enjoy a free, guided cycling tour along Ross River. The event encourages people to adopt active lifestyles and try new activities. Community and Environment acting director Susan Coker said it also allowed people to explore the city’s bikeways. Among the cyclists will be Townsville triathlete Caroline ‘Caro’ Tahana. Ms Tahana, who was made famous by her stint on the The Block last year, will be taking part with her three-year-old daughter, Halia as well as her partner and teammate Kingi. “I don’t think a lot of people in Townsville realise just how good our network of bike paths are,” she said. Ride the River will be held on Sunday, April, 10 at Sheriff Park at 7am.