Queens Gardens


Queens Gardens are situated in the suburb of North Ward on the corner of Gregory and Paxton Street, 1.2 km north of the city centre. Established in 1870, the site was originally part of an Acclimatisation Garden, in which potential food and economic plants were trialed during the era of colonisation. Today the gardens are a lush green oasis set against the dramatic pink granite cliffs of Castle Hill and offer a quiet cool retreat amidst the busy residential commercial area in North Ward and is in close proximity to The Strand.

The history of Queens Gardens is almost as interesting as the magnificent collection of unique and unusual plant specimens which grow there today.

The gardens were established in 1870 to trial potential food plants for the settlement.

More than 40 ha of land was set aside by the council of the day and a variety of exotic species, including cocoa, African oil palms and mangoes, were planted.

Some of the hoop pines and black beans planted at that time are still growing today and may be the oldest cultivated specimens in Australia.

Today, Queens Gardens is a priceless asset to Townsville, offering a cool, green setting close to the centre of Australia’s largest tropical city.

Townsville residents use its lush gardens for leisure and recreation, while the City Council and community groups utilise its green splendour to stage a variety of special events.

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