Ross River Bike


The Ross River Parkway runs from JCU – Cranbrook to the Townsville CBD via Annandale & Mundingburra riverside open space.

“Parkway features bikeway with eight recreational nodes including bbq areas, children’s play areas, river access, fishing platforms, pontoons, and seating”

HUNDREDS of Townsville residents will strap on their helmets to take part in one of the city’s most popular bike-riding events.

The annual Ride the River this month gives people a chance to enjoy a free, guided cycling tour along Ross River.

The event encourages people to adopt active lifestyles and try new activities.

Community and Environment acting director Susan Coker said it also allowed people to explore the city’s bikeways.

Among the cyclists will be Townsville triathlete Caroline ‘Caro’ Tahana.

Ms Tahana, who was made famous by her stint on the The Block last year, will be taking part with her three-year-old daughter, Halia as well as her partner and teammate Kingi.

“I don’t think a lot of people in Townsville realise just how good our network of bike paths are,” she said.

Ride the River will be held on Sunday, April, 10 at Sheriff Park at 7am.

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