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NOT Pet friendly
October 30, 2016 - Didn't Like It
I had to stay here at a spare of the moment thing, I did book in my dog but she slept in the car and came into the room the next morning for water and an shower, unfortunately I left her water bowl there and had to phone up, on getting the manager of the property I asked about the bowl in which she went on and on about having my dog there who is old, after he saying did you have your dog here I wasn't aware of that, but then went onto mention how my dog stunk out her room etc, which I thought was very rude how she had to buy spray for the room etc. and after my husband dropped by to get the bowl days later she was still going on about the smell which he couldn't smell it just her artificial sprays, if it was a pet friendly place wouldn't you have the cleaning products on board, and not go on and on when you have stated that you didn't know that the dog was there.. I would like to see that you remove the PET FRIENDLY from your advertising because its false and I am sick and tired of coming across people like you, I will be telling everyone that asks about your motel not to go there, it was your bedding and towels etc that STUNK ..
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